• Terminate cable in single punch - including 23 AWG Cat6
• Detachable light with long-life LED specially designed to focus the light on the panel work area
• Luminous intensity of the LED is 2200 mcd
• Finger grips and non-slip rubber-embedded cushioned handle for comfort
• Multi-use spudger that can be used as a screwdriver or an IDC contact insertion tool
• Hook to feed wires through holes
• Pick to separate bonded twisted-pair cables or to strip insulation and cut wire
• Adjustable HI/LO spring compression for all cable types. LO= 27.5 lbs (122 N), HI= 37.5 lbs (167 N)
• Uses twist-and-lock style blades
• Blade storage area in end of handle with comfortable latch cover
• Includes : 110 Reversible Cut And Punch/Punch-Only Blade
• Sub Brand : SurePunch® Pro

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