• Accepts Kearney type PH2 crimping dies
• Head designs result in lower weight and improved durability
• Two-speed pump to reduce cycle time
• Over molded tacky grip areas to make the tool easier and more comfortable to hold
• Includes 2 Li-ion batteries, 120v charger and carrying case
• Battery powered crimping and cutting tools from Greenlee have always represented the most comfortable and efficient solutions when it comes to reliable crimping of connectors and cutting cables.
• The new tool generation for Greenlee includes the intelliCRIMP intelligent crimping system technology that includes a pressure sensor that monitors the crimping force of each crimp and provides the operator a visual and audible alert if the force is below specifications.
• State of the art 18V lithium ion batteries provides 70 percent more cycles per charge and faster cycle times. LED light provides the operator with the battery charge and tool maintenance status.
• Two-stage hydraulic system provides fast advance and power speeds, saving time.
• Smart chargers control the charging current, charging voltage and battery temperature to maximize battery life.
• When it comes to crimping and cutting tool intelligence, efficiency and ergonomics, Greenlee gator tools are faster, safer and easier than ever before.
• The EK1240KL tools are similar to the EK1240L except that the EK1240KL crimping head accepts only Kearney type PH2 crimping dies.
• The crimping head rotates 350 degrees to easily get into tight locations.

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