CLEAVER (920CL) - 920CL


The 920CL cleaver provides fast and accurate cleaves that can be used with any fusion splicer and for preparing fibers for use with mechanical connectors. The fiber is securely held in the fixed clamp that is capable of cleaving 250 micron, 900 micron, 3mm and Bowtie fibers. The dust bin collects all fiber end cuts for safe disposal.
• Cleaves fibers for fusion splicing or mechanical connectors
• Safely cleaves fibers and disposes of end cuts
• 48,000 cleaves
• 250 micron, 900 micron, 3mm and Bowtie fibers
• Cleaves single-mode and multi-mode fibers
• Integrated dust bin
920CL Optical Fiber Cleaver Kit includes:
• Cleaver with fixed clamp
• Dust bin
• Hard carrying case
• Allen key
• Instruction sheet

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