• All-inclusive tool kit designed with the professional in mind
• Kit Includes
o Professional Tool Backpack (0158-26)
o 9" Side Cutting Pliers - Molded Grip (0151-09M)
o 8" Diagonal Pliers - Molded Grip (0251-08M)
o 8" Long Nose Pliers - Molded Grip (0351-08M)
o 10" Pump Pliers - Molded Grip (0451-10M)
o Pro Stainless Wire Stripper - 10-18 AWG (1955-SS)
o Non-Metallic Cable Ripper (0252-11)
o Stainless Stripping/Crimping Combo Tool (1927-SS)
o Cable Cutter (727M)
o Utility-Folding Knife (0652-22)
o Flat-Key Screwdriver 1/4X4" (0153-11C)
o Flat-Key Screwdriver 5/16X6" (0153-15C)
o Flat-Cab Screwdriver 3/16X6" (0153-22C)
o Flat-Cab Screwdriver 1/4X6" (0153-26C)
o Phillips Screwdriver #1X3" (0153-31C)
o Phillips Screwdriver #2X4" (0153-33C)
o Screw-Holding Driver 3/16X6" (0453-14C)
o 3" Awl - Steel Cap (9753-12C)
o 10" Adjustable Wrench - Dipped Grip (0154-10D)
o 9-Piece Folding Hex-Key Set (0254-11)
o 25' Power Return Rule (0155-25A)
o Torpedo Level (L107)
o 18 oz Electricians Hammer (0156-11)
o 8-Pocket Leather Pouch (0258-11)
o Tradesman XL Gloves (0358-14XL)
o 2" Leather Belt (9858-11)
o Non-Contact Voltage Detector (GT-12A)
o 12" Hacksaw (333A)
• Application : 28-Piece Tool Kit
• Number Of Pieces : 28 Pieces
• Type : Tool Kits
• Weight : 21.4 lbs (9.7 kg)

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