Rental Agreement

The following rental agreement is automatically agreed to by the customer when they make a purchase, rental, or create an account from Metro Systems.

The agreement is to protect the customer and company alike.

METRO SYSTEMS LTD. Hereinafter referred to as “The Company” hereby rents to the person or persons referred to during the checkout process, hereinafter referred to as “The Customer”, certain equipment. The said equipment is rented on the following terms and conditions agreed to by the parties.

  1. RATE OF RENTAL: Is as shown on the checkout page.

  2. PERIOD OF RENTAL: Is as shown on the checkout page.

  3. LOADING, UNLOADING AND TRANSPORTATION: The customer shall be responsible for all costs incurred to transport said equipment from the company’s warehouse and return to the same at the end of the rental period.

  4. EQUIPMENT VALUE: It is agreed that the value of the equipment rented is of a fair market value.

  5. EQUIPMENT RETURN: It is agreed that notification to the company of availability of equipment for return will not be considered a return by the customer of the said equipment nor will it relieve the customer of his responsibility for loss or damage of the said equipment.

  6. OPERATION & MAINTENANCE: The customer agrees not to alter, remove or cover up any lettering, numbering or company insignia displayed on the equipment and agrees to employ only competent operators for the said equipment. The customer further agrees to ensure that said equipment is not subject to careless or rough usage and that it is stored in a weather-proof and safe location during the rental period.

  7. TITLE: Title to said equipment at all times vest in the company unless transferred to the customer through sale. The customer shall keep the said equipment free from any and all liens and claims and shall not allow the company’s title to become encumbered or impaired

  8. TERMINATION OF AGREEMENT: Should the customer default in payment or become bankrupt or fail to maintain the said equipment within terms of this agreement, the company may terminate this agreement and take possession of the said equipment without becoming liable for trespass and recover all rental due, and all expenses incurred in recovering equipment.

  9. INSURANCE: All rental vehicles are insured under Metro Systems ICBC Fleet Insurance - this is only to provide our customers the convenience of not adding one day or one week insurance policies to their own fleet insurance or general liability, themselves for each rental. Insurance claims would also be processed by us, but all damages and fees would be charged to the customer.

    All rental items we provide only cover normal wear and tear. Any items, either tools or vehicles, do not include coverage for customer damage, theft, or any acts of god such as fire, earthquake, etc.

  10. LIABILITY: All liability caused by the operation, handling or transportation of the said equipment during the rental period shall be assumed by the customer and he shall indemnify the company against all such liability.

    *We do recommend that customers add the rental items to their general insurance for replacement value, however this is not required and most of our partners choose to pay any damages direct to Metro Systems Ltd.

  11. CONDITION OF EQUIPMENT: The company reserves the right to refuse to accept equipment returned in a damaged or dirty condition and to continue to levy rental charges until the said equipment is returned in an acceptable condition to the company. Labor charges may be added to the final invoice if the company is forced to clean equipment returned in a dirty condition.

  12. FUEL OF RENTALS: All rentals are to be returned back to the company with the same amount of fuel as they were sent out with. If the customer does not fill up equipment before returning it, then the company has full rights to charge fuel plus labor onto the final invoice.

Rental Definitions:
Daily rate is billed at a 24 hour session.

Weekly rate is billed at a session of 7 days.

Monthly rate is billed at a session of 4 weeks (28 days)